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I am thankful for many things and one of those is my two healthy children. Whilst browsing Twitter, I came across the story of Estella. Estella died at the age of only eight months of a genetic condition, SMA or Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I hope this blog can help raise awareness of the condition and at the same time, I would like to call for submissions of handmade stars to create a wall for Estella and all the children who use Bluebell Wood Hospice where Estella stayed.

Stars should be between 5cm and 15cm across and suitable to be displayed on a wall. Obviously stars will need to be child friendly, both visually and as I am hoping to create a piece than can act as sensory stimulation for the children at the hospice, the pieces will also need to be safe for small fingers...non toxic, no sharp edges, beads and buttons securely sewn or glued.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nearing the end?

Sorry it has taken so long to write this post...can I blame it on the Summer Holidays? :)

Well, it is nearly at the deadline of 31st July. I need to back some of the stars to make them stronger and of course they need sticky pads on the back, but otherwise I'm nearly ready to send them up to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice I would have like to have been able to travel to Sheffield myself, but unfortunately I won't be able to....this time. I have been talking to Sarah from the hospice, whom is very impressed with your stars by the way, and it is possible that I may do another project in the future.

So....if you have any more stars to send, now's the time to let me know and I can send them all up together. I can send others on after the main parcel if necessary.

I was hoping to reach out to people and spread the story of Estella. I think I have acheived this, and Linda, whom has connected to Estella's story through me has started her own collaberative project to raise awareness of SMA. So if you fancy making a tiny star, do contact Linda! are the stars I have received this week. I have these beautiful sepia photographs from Mark who has the whole alphabet at Alphabet Art. Before I saw them, I had the idea (with Mark's permission) that I would cut them into star shapes, but I feel this would make them difficult to read, and take away some of their beauty. So I will back these with board and send them as a separate piece to be displayed aside from the main star wall.

 Also I have these fabulously fun woven paper stars from Jo who has a blog here and has been blogging ablout Estella and this project :)

And these are the pieces I have been working on....I have finished the sticker pattern on the box lid. I still need to paint the box, add some rice for a rattle before gluing the lid on.

I also have some smaller porcelain stars with the impression of dasies and daisy centres.

This piece will be left unglazed to show the delicate texture.

Check back soon...I may even manage a picture of all the stars together!

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